Weekly Drawing

Every Thursday Night 9:00 PM
"See Bartender for Registration ... entry $2.00"

New Registration:

  1. Sign up at the bar for entry into weekly drawing.
  2. Please PRINT your name on registration sheet.
  3. One entry per person into the weekly drawing.
  4. Cost will be $2.00 for each week you sign-up.
  5. You may select your number or be assigned one.
  6. Your name/number will be recorded on a master sheet.
  7. Your number will be entered into the drawing pool.
  8. Your number will remain in the drawing pool for each week.
  9. If you are registering after the first week, the bartender will check for available numbers.

Weekly Sign-up:

  1. Pay $2.00 to the bartender.
  2. Print your name next to your assigned number.
  3. Each person must be present to sign his/her own name each week of the drawing.
  4. Please print your name by your number, if a mistake is made ... the number drawn is the official winner!
  5. Sign-up book will be available for the next drawing at 9:30 pm of each week.

Weekly Drawing Prize Money:

  1. Prize money will depend on number of entries for each week.
  2. All money collected will be given away as prize money.
  3. Maximum prize of$500.00 will be paid per drawing.
  4. If more than $500.00 is in the drawing pool, a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th drawing will be held.
  5. Prize money not paid out will carryover to the next week
  6. Prize money not claimed within 30 days of drawing date will be added back into drawing pool.

Weekly Winners:

  1. Designated money will be assigned to each drawing as a cash prize.
  2. If signed and present, the winning number drawn each week will receive all the designated money.
  3. If signed and not present, the winning number drawn each week will receive 1/2 of the designated money.
  4. If not signed, the winning number drawn each week will receive none of the designated money.

Note: Signing Deadline will be 8:45 PM each Thursday Night.
New Weekly Registration Deadline will be 8:00 PM of Drawing Night
Weekly Drawing Winners and Prize Money will be Posted in Bar Area.

*** Corner Pub employees ARE permitted in the Weekly Drawing.
*** Weekly Specials are "Dine-in-Only" ..... orders to go will be at regular pricing.

Thank you and Good Luck!
The Corner Pub Management

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